Slube Erotic Bath and Playpool Goo Custard Yellow

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Slube Erotic Bath and Playpool Goo Custard Yellow

What is SLUBE?SLUBE is a thick, slippery body lubricant, which can be used in a bath tub or in a playpool.Manufactured in the UK, it comes in a powder form, which is added to water to create an incredibly smooth and pleasurable slime like liquid.SLUBE comes in a variety of sexy scents and colours, including Custard Yellow, Risque Red and Black Leather. Indulge into a pool of pure bliss, either alone or with a partner with SLUBE.The thick slimy liquid has been formulated to leave feeling soft and refreshed, so its great to enjoy as a relaxing bath as well as getting frisky in.SLUBE is dermatologically tested and is non toxic and internal safe. Because of this, you can play, wrestle, massage and bathe in Slube, safe in the knowledge that its completely safe We just dont recommend eating it, it doesnt taste that greatUsing SLUBE is easyAdd the powder to water and mix with your hands. SimpleOnce finished, dilute SLUBE with more water and then pour down the drain, flushing with more water.Washes off all surfaces and skin with just waterWeight per item 250g. 1 litre of warm water to 7g of powder.Easy to clean. Latex safe. Skin feel softCustard Yellow is Custard
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